BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook Review 2022

Though equipped with a strong casino and eSports offering, BetVictor, ingrained with a sports-first mentality, has always prioritized its sportsbook. The ultra competitive game odds are a hallmark of BetVictor's sportsbook offering, as well as strong incentives to both new and existing customers.


With over 500 employees and 500,000 users, BetVictor is a household name and has been operating in Canada's grey market for a number of years. However, BetVictor must now receive a license before it can conduct its business in Ontario's newly legalized, single-game sports betting market.

BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook

BetVictor has a wealth of experience in the sports betting industry. A multi-award winning online gambling company, BetVictor was founded in London in 1946. It has come a long way since and is now one of the most trusted and reliable online sports betting companies.

In this BetVictor Ontario review, we will delve into everything from withdrawal and deposit options, customer service support, the BetVictor app, along with other features of one of what might become one of the top Ontario sports betting sites.


BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook App: Coming Soon

BetVictor Sportsbook Ontario Launch Date: June 7, 2022
Legal BetVictor Sportsbook Age Eligibility: 19
💳 BetVictor Sportsbook Minimum Deposit: $20
📅 BetVictor Sportsbook ON Retail Locations:



BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook: Pros and Cons


  • Excellent live betting platform, great variety of betting options and intuitive interface

  • Consistently competitive game odds

  • Website has a clear, easy-to-understand layout and is user friendly

  • Well-established in the industry, BetVictor is safe, secure and highly reputable

  • Responsive 24/7 live chat option

  • Sportsbook is BetVictor's main priority


  • Prioritizes European sports such as soccer, snooker, horse and dog racing. For some, this could be an advantage.

  • Deposit options slightly limited

  • Limited live streaming options

BetVictor Ontario Review

Steeped in tradition and history, BetVictor previously operated under the name of the company's former chairman, Victor Chandler. It became BetVictor during the 2012 rebrand, the first of two such rebrands. The 2016 brand refresh aimed at improving the overall customer experience by creating a more intuitive betting experience while simplifying and streamlining the website interface. BetVictor accomplished many of the goals it set out to achieve.

This BetVictor Sportsbook review is based on the evaluation of key categories, including deposit and withdrawal processing times, payment options, the competitiveness of game odds, customer service responsiveness, welcome offers, loyalty or reward programs and other overarching features.

BetVictor online sportsbook, as it awaits acceptance into the Ontario market, has an incredibly strong foundation from which to adapt and evolve. BetVictor sports betting Ontario will assuredly follow suit on its successful elements of the current and past, including consistently offering competitive game lines, boasting responsive customer service team, having a highly venerated reputation along with a wide selection of sports to choose from.

Along with its strong sportsbook offering, BetVictor Online Casino has over 700 casino games.


Other BetVictor Sportsbook Ontario Features

BetVictor pays close attention to the details for most categories that influence its overall score. A sportsbook's overall rating is dependent on a spate of influential categories, and we take into account all of them, including withdrawal and deposit options, payment processing times etc.

BetVictor Ontario will want to emulate the best of its grey market offerings. Staying true to itself while adapting to the Canadian market is the best way for the sportsbook to elevate its current proposition.

Competitive Sports Betting Odds 

Having consistently competitive odds is an influential factor in setting a sportsbook apart from the competition. Sports bettors want to get the most bang for their buck.

With its own proprietary software and a collective of dedicated oddsmakers, BetVictor odds have a discernible advantage over some of its main competitors. BetVictor leverages its ability to be self-sufficient when creating dynamic, accurate and fair game odds, an appealing proposition for sports bettors deciding which sportsbook to pledge their allegiance to.

BetVictor Sportsbook Features 

BetVictor Ontario does a lot of things right, which helps create a sound sports betting product. Its detailed, exhaustive Help Centre acts as BetVictor's Frequently Asked Questions section and is compartmentalized into numerous categories, including Payments, Safe Gambling, Casino, Sports and Customer Support.

BetVictor's website is full of useful, easy-to-source information. The user-friendly website complements perfectly its mobile app, which further elevates a user's overall experience. Adding the proverbial cherry on top is BetVictor's industry-leading live betting platform.

Compelling game odds are enhanced by its flexible, intuitive interface. Choosing from a number of bet types - over/under, points total, moneyline and various novel handicap options - you have the ability to combine single-game live bets in a way you see fit.

Market Variety and Sports Offering 

BetVictor places a huge priority on European-style sports, including horse and dog racing, soccer, tennis, snooker, motor racing, hurling and golf. While fine for aficionados of those sports or bettors familiar with the British market, the lion's share of Canadians have different underlying interests, making it incumbent upon BetVictor to adapt.

Canadians are more partial to betting on the NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, NCAA and MLB. To appeal to a wider demographic north of the border, BetVictor will want to tinker with its sportsbook offering, catering more to north-of-the-border preferences, which, if Canadians have anything to say about it, would include the inclusion of the CFL betting market.


Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The current edition of BetVictor offers nine payment options, including debit, credit (Mastercard or Visa), PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, Bank Transfer, FastFunds Withdrawals. It's not as extensive a list as some competing elite-status Ontario sports betting sites, but all aforementioned deposit and withdrawal options are safe and secure.

Mobile App Design and Accessibility

It's all about the user experience when it comes to a sportsbook's mobile app. The BetVictor Ontario app checks that crucial box. Offered on Android and IOS, the Bet Victor app is highly touted on both platforms. It has a 4.5/5 rating on Google Play and, based on about 30,000 reviews, a 4.6/5 Apple Store rating.

The BetVictor sports app Ontario was, akin to its sound game odds, created with the company's in-house technology, ensuring a high-performing interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

BetVictor Same-Game Parlays 

BetVictor is a same-game parlays expert. Called accumulators in the European market, BetVictor's betting interface facilitates a stress-free, enjoyable experience when placing same-game parlays.

By playing same-game parlays, bettors have the opportunity to maximize their returns. However, like most things in life, pros are accompanied closely by cons. You have to win every individual bet in a same-game parlay for it to pay out, increasing the difficulty level and decreasing the probability of winning.

Picking the Toronto Maple Leafs to beat the Arizona Coyotes with both teams scoring over 4.5 goals is an example of a same-game parlay. A same-game parlay must include at least two individually connected bets for any given contest.


Rewards Programs and Loyalty Offers

BetVictor's currently has a BV Loyalty Club, which incentivizes, usually via site credit, those who wager consistently and meet the program's requirements. That reward program, however, is tailor-fitted for BetVictor's UK bettors.

Responsible Gambling with the BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook

BetVictor takes safe, responsible gambling to a new level. Its separate, dedicated Safer Gambling section on the website is comprehensive and multi-layered, chockfull of valuable content, advice and information for all bettors. The Safer Gambling Portal is there to guide bettors, while advising those who feel a dependency could be developing. It's abundantly apparent how much BetVictor cares about the well-being of its customers.

Legal Sports Betting at BetVictor Ontario

There is an abundance of interest from prominent sportsbooks about obtaining licenses for the single-game Ontario market, which opens for business on April 4, 2022. Bill C-218 was passed in June 2021, paving a legalized path for Ontario's regulated market.

BetVictor needs a license to operate in the Ontario market, which it hasn't obtained yet. Once its application is accepted, BetVictor will join the new regulated landscape, though the specific date of its initiation is unknown.

  • Download the BetVictor Sportsbook App in Ontario Now

BetVictor first needs a license to enter the Ontario market before you'll be able to download the mobile app. Once BetVictor's license is approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), Android and IOS users can download the app from either the Apple Store or Google Play.


Deposits and Withdrawals at BetVictor Ontario

The BetVictor Sportsbook withdrawal processing times vary depending on the method used, with FastFunds the quickest, between 28 and 48 hours, and Bank Transfer the longest, between three and 10 business days.

If efficiency is your main concern, it's best to use deposit and withdrawal methods such as PayPal or FastFunds. That way your funds will be accessible expeditiously. While BetVictor doesn't have the most extensive list of available options, it is one of quickest at depositing funds into your account.

BetVictor Partnerships in Ontario

BetVictor has no confirmed partnerships set up for its Ontario launch. However, the brand, whose origin is in the UK, is renowned for pouring resources into sponsorships and partnerships. Signing big-name soccer players like Michael Owen is just the tip of the Antarctic-size iceberg.

BetVictor is seemingly forever in search of its next behemoth partner. The sportsbook was fairly recently the principle partner of the Premier League's Fulham and Liverpool, so anything is possible when its Ontario launch comes to fruition.

Physical BetVictor Betting Locations in Ontario 

There are no BetVictor physical locations in Ontario yet and it's unknown whether the company has any intention of opening any brick-and-mortar establishments.


BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook FAQs

Is BetVictor Sportsbook legit in Ontario?

Yes, BetVictor Sportsbook Ontario is legit but still needs a license from the AGCO before relaunching as a regulated operator. Previously operating in the grey market, Bet Victor Sportsbook Ontario must now play by the province's rules to join the newly regulated market.

When will BetVictor Sportsbook launch in Ontario?

The earliest BetVictor can gain entry into the Ontario market is on April 4, 2022, opening day of the newly regulated market. However, BetVictor firsts needs a license, which a slew of competing sportsbooks have already received. As soon as we hear confirmation of its approval, you'll be the first to know.

Why choose BetVictor sportsbook in Ontario?

There's a rash of reasons to choose BetVictor. It boasts a user-friendly website that provides oodles of betting options. The live betting interface compels users to keep coming back and its litany of same-game parlay options facilitates the freedom and flexibility every bettor yearns for.

Where can I use the BetVictor sportsbook in Ontario?

As soon as it gains acceptance into the newly regulated market, users can access the geolocated site from anywhere in Ontario.

Does BetVictor Ontario Sportsbook have a rewards program?

Its current loyalty program provides bet credit if users meets the pre-determined requirements. We are unsure whether BetVictor will continue this program or create a new one once it receives a license to operate in Ontario.

What is the minimum age to wager at BetVictor Sportsbook ?

You must be 19 years or older to sign up and wager in Ontario. Proof of age is required during the sign-up process.

What are the banking options for BetVictor Sportsbook Ontario?

BetVictor offers nine payment options in its grey market operation, including debit, credit (Mastercard or Visa), PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, Bank Transfer, FastFunds Withdrawals. Let's see if BetVictor decides to increase its banking options for its Ontario launch.