Caesars Sportsbook Ontario Review 2022 - Great Parlays!

Since the days of the Roman Empire, the word Caesar has carried immense authority and power. Now, in the 21st century, the name Caesars is arguably the biggest in the world of gambling and sports betting - and it has arrived in Canada!


Now part of Caesars Entertainment, Caesars was historically a casino brand whose sports betting proposition took a massive leap forward in early 2021. That is when it acquired William Hill, one of the most recognized and commercially successful traditional betting brands, for $4 billion to forge a formidable new business.

Caesars Sportsbook Ontario Welcome Offer and Promo Code

Sports bettors in Ontario are celebrating now that legal sports betting with a regulated market has begun in the province.  As you might expect from a leading name in the world of sports betting, Caesars Sportsbook Ontario promises to be one of the best in the province. To opt in to see more information about Caesars Sportsbook Ontario, click the BET NOW button below to be taken to the site.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario Is Live

Ever since Canadian legislators passed the act known as C-218 in the summer of 2021, major online sportsbooks have been getting ready to launch in Ontario. Many of the 15 million people in the nation's most populous province are excited by the prospect of single-game sports betting, which is now permitted on a province-by-province basis.

There were hopes that licensed sportsbooks would be live in Ontario as early as January 2022, as Canada sports betting fans would have loved the opportunity to bet on the Super Bowl in mid-February. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and iGaming Ontario had solve issues around the re-registration of customers from previously grey operators, and several other wrinkles around commercial, security and privacy arrangements. Leading sportsbooks launched on April 4, 2022.



Distinguished Features On The Caesars Ontario Sportsbook

With the Caesars sportsbook legal, Ontario sports betting fans can look forward to making the most of the modern wagering experience. And few legal sportsbooks can hope to match the quality of the Caesars sportsbook offering.

Live Sports Streaming At Caesars Sportsbook 

One of the features that have significantly enhanced the mobile sports betting experience in recent years is live streaming. It adds greatly to your enjoyment if you can watch the action you have wagered on. The Caesars online sportsbook is notable for the breadth and quality of its live streaming service, with a range of sports and sporting events covered on the website and app. Please note, though, that you must have placed a bet within the last 24 hours to be able to view live pictures.

Caesars Sportsbook Live Betting

Another recent addition to sports betting options is the ability to place wagers even when an event has got underway. Players who believe they know what is going to happen next in a match can bet accordingly. Check out the "live" button on the site or app to see which events are currently available for live betting.

Early Bet Cash Outs

The ability to update odds instantly through complex algorithms allows commercial sportsbooks to offer features like cash out. If you believe your bet is going to be a loser, or if you fear your winning position may not hold, you can take a sum in return for closing the bet down early. It is easy to find out whether or not you can cash out on any particular wager.


Are Same-Game Parlays Allowed?

Before the Canadian sports betting landscape was changed by the 2021 switch to permit single-game betting, parlay bets were the only form of sports betting allowed here. Parlay bets comprising two or more wagers remain extremely popular - and now there is the extra facility of same-game parlays. You can build a multiple bet on outcomes in one event at the Caesars online sportsbook to increase your involvement - and your winnings, if you get all your selections right.


Caesars Sportsbook App

The Caesars Sportsbook app is available through both the Apple Store and Google Play Store for users of iPhones and Android devices respectively. Both versions of the app score highly with visitors to these sites. Its design is clean, it is extremely easy to use and all the features from the site, including live streaming, are to be found here. The launch of the new Caesars sportsbook app in 2021 contributed significantly to raising the brand's profile with sports bettors - and it is easy to see why.

Caesars Sportsbook Hits And Misses


  • Stunning volume of offers and boosts 
  • Quality of live streaming service 
  • Breadth of markets on leading sports 
  • Availability of same-game parlays


  • Fake Roman text ("Caesar giveth features") grates
  • App landing page cluttered in design
  • Smaller choice of sports than some rivals

What Caesars Sportsbook Ontario Does Well 

In the new era of single-game sports betting in Canada, players will be able to choose from a host of major sportsbooks with stellar reputations. Caesars is indisputably one of the big players in this arena. It offers a high standard of user experience and a wide variety of betting options. With its sportsbook, Caesars' focus is definitely on quality.

How does Caesars Sportsbook Compare?

The range of sports on which the Caesars sportsbook offers online odds is wide and includes international sports - though not horse racing. However, historically the number of sports on which Caesars offers markets is slightly lower than other sportsbooks. The quality is second to none, but occasionally the quantity is found wanting.


What to bet on with Caesars Sportsbook Ontario 

Caesars Sportsbook Ontario arrives on the Canadian legal sports betting scene with a deservedly high reputation for its online sports betting experience. At the heart of this offering is a broad choice of methods that can be used to place a wager on a sports event.

When it comes to the Big Four sports - and this applies to many other events too - the bets that can be struck include:

  • Moneyline
  • Spreads
  • Team props
  • Player props
  • Parlays
  • Over/unders
  • Futures

Ontario is a province that loves its sport and its professional sports teams. The popularity of single sports betting will inevitably be enormous among a population of 15 million.

Given the proximity of many of those people to the USA, it is no surprise that the NFL attracts plenty of attention here. So does major league baseball, where many follow the exploits of the Toronto Blue Jays. The NBA also has plenty of fans.

But it is, of course, hockey that commands the loyalty and passion of Canadians like no other sport. It is the safest bet of all that games involving the Toronto Maple Leafs will draw a huge amount of interest from Ontarians who want to want to place bets on the top NHL action.


Caesars Sportsbook Online Sports Betting Basics

Since diversifying to offer sports betting, and especially since it acquired William Hill, Caesars has become a smart and confident online sportsbook. It offers a wide range of ways in which players can get involved with the action, whether they are experienced bettors or filling in a bet slip for the first time. Among the bet types available are:

Moneylines - The most straightforward question you can answer. Which team do you think will win the match? The favorite's odds carry a minus sign and the underdog's a plus. 

Spread Bets - These are handicap bets, in which the underdog is given a certain number of points start on the favorite. Both sides' odds are usually then -110 each. If the Indianapolis Colts are -2.5 and the New England Patriots are +2.5, the Colts need to win by three points or more to "cover the spread" and make your bet a winner.

Parlay Bets - Despite all the excitement about Canada making single event sports betting legal, parlay bets are still a great way to play. Cover several selections with one stake and if they all win, the bets are multiplied and your return can be substantial. If you believe the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames will all prevail on the same night, a parlay is the bet for you.

Total Lines - Also known as over-unders, totals bets invite you to predict how many times a certain event will happen during a match, day or season. When the Boston Celtics face the Golden State Warriors and the sportsbook sets the total of points to be scored by both teams at 215, if you think there will be more or fewer than that number, you bet accordingly.

Futures Bets - As well as enabling you to bet on tonight's action, online sportsbooks also offer the facility to speculate about events much further away. If you believe the Calgary Flames will win the Stanley Cup next year, for instance, you will be able to place a wager today on that happening.

Prop Bets - "Prop" is short for proposition, and these are wagers around particular outcomes during a match. It could be the half-time score, the number of points one player scores, or props on each half or period.


Caesars Sportsbook Pricing

For all the anticipation of the features on offer at Caesars Sportsbook Ontario, in many bettors' eyes there is another serious consideration before opening an online sportsbook account. How competitive are its prices?

The Caesars approach to odds-making holds up extremely well against other sportsbooks. It is particularly renowned for offering excellent odds on soccer, football and baseball. The sheer regularity of the odds boosts available complements their general odds strongly too.


The Origins of Caesars Sportsbook Ontario 

Caesars has been a household name in the American gambling space for several decades, ever since Caesars Palace opened its doors in Las Vegas in 1966. It is a name that carries echoes of Sinatra, the Rat Pack and old-school glamor.

The Caesars name is now part of Caesars Entertainment, a leisure conglomerate founded as recently as 2020 but with a previous history as Eldorado Resorts. The focus for Caesars had always been resorts and casinos, but it moved incredibly fast following the US Supreme Court's decision to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018. This effectively meant sports betting legalization on a state-by-state basis.

With the acquisition of legendary UK betting brand William Hill in 2021, Caesars rapidly transformed its approach and is now seen as a serious and much respected licensed and regulated operator.


What To Expect When Registering For A Caesars Sportsbook Account

The process of signing up for an online sports betting account is refreshingly straightforward. Online sportsbooks do not want you to give up in frustration and look elsewhere, so they make registering all the necessary details as painless as possible.  Note, sportsbooks will need you to opt in to see sign-up details and information. The process should be as follows:

  • Find the "Join Now" button on the website home page, or once you have downloaded the Caesars sportsbook app.
  • Enter your name, address, email, mobile number and date of birth, to ensure you are older than the minimum gambling age.
  • Choose your banking method, make a deposit and you are ready to begin one of the finest experiences at a sportsbook Canada will have to offer.

Caesars Sportsbook Payment Options

As you might expect from an operator with vast experience in the world of casinos, Caesars makes it extremely easy to deposit funds in your account in a variety of ways. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted, as are PayPal and PayNearMe. You can also use a wire transfer, and one of the most convenient options is the Play+ pre-paid card.


The business of withdrawing your funds is also very easy. Caesars advises it can take up to 72 hours for your money to clear, but in practice many players find it arrives sooner than that. The Play+ card is the fastest route, with instant withdrawal, but you can use other online banking transfers and PayPal too.


Sportsbook Usability

So, what can Ontario bettors look forward to now that Caesars Sportsbook Ontario has launched?

Website Interface 

Visually, the desktop version of the site is clean, clear and incredibly easy to use. With a plain white background and a distinctly uncluttered feel, it may almost be too minimalist for some tastes. But if you are here to bet on sporting events rather than for an artistic experience, this is the perfect interface.

Navigation could hardly be easier, and it is a positive that the bet slip is prominently displayed - it's surprising how many operators make it hard to find.

Ontario Caesars Sportsbook Sports Betting App 

Despite the much more limited real estate on offer for the mobile user, some find the Caesars sportsbook app even easier to use than the website. And that is some accolade. This is one of the finest mobile sportsbooks available. Its user-friendly design and navigability is complemented by the fact that all the features you would hope for are here, including Caesars sportsbook offers, high-quality live streaming.


Customer Support Methods

The level and range of customer support services available at Caesars Sportsbook Ontario promises to be astoundingly good. It is encouraging from the start to see that Support is one of the first tabs on the top navigation bar. From there you can access the following:

  • Live chat: Available 24/7
  • Email: Address available on site
  • Phone: Toll-free number available 24/7
  • Online help: An amazingly detailed resource with links to an extraordinary range of supporting materials including terms and conditions, FAQs.
  • Language: English

Caesars is known for the comprehensive nature of its customer support, and players who share their thoughts on review sites are generally complimentary of the service they receive.


Sportsbook Security

Arguably to a greater extent than any other online sportsbook, Caesars can be trusted when it comes to security. This is the biggest casino brand in the world and as a result its provisions to ensure the safety of players' personal data and financial information are state-of-the-art. As well as the latest SSL encryption software, Caesars employs a whole team of experts to keep you safe. You need to play your part as well, though. When it comes to choosing a password, make it a strong one. Simply using "password" or "12345" is highly unwise.

Responsible Betting Measures

All online sportsbooks are encouraged to take their responsibilities seriously when it comes to encouraging their clients to play responsibly. For a small minority of players, gambling can become more than a fun and stimulating way of passing their leisure time. The website's home page carries a link on its top nav to responsible betting advice, while there are more helpful materials in the customer support section. Practical assistance and information are also available to people in Ontario from local and national bodies.


How Caesars Sportsbook Compares to Ontario Sportsbooks

Considering the relative youth of Caesars' sportsbook operations compared to many of the other powerhouse entries to the Ontario market, the quality of the company's offering is incredibly impressive. It is clear that the acquisition of William Hill, and all the sports betting experience that move brought on board, was money well spent. So, how does Caesars stack up against some of the other sportsbooks with which it will lock horns in Ontario?

Caesars Sportsbook vs. BetMGM Ontario

It will be fascinating to compare and contrast the performance of two brands with such similar histories. Both are well-established names in the casino space who have pivoted at stunning speed to launch sportsbooks. BetMGM is known for the competitiveness of its odds; but Caesars runs it close. Both deliver superb user experience. This race is too close to call.


Caesars Sportsbook vs. DraftKings Ontario

The difference between Caesars and DraftKings is like black and white - literally. The contrast in the design of their respective home pages is stark, with DraftKings going for a cool black background and Caesars as white as a glacier. DraftKings has narrowly more sports on offer, but again these are two very high quality rivals in an impressive field.

Caesars Sportsbook vs. FanDuel Ontario

FanDuel's white design makes it look highly similar to Caesars, and there is little to choose between the two when it comes to their online sportsbook offering. FanDuel may have the edge in terms of the number of sports it covers, but Caesars scores highly for overalluser experience.

Caesars Sports Betting Retail Sportsbook Ontario 

With its long history in the world of casinos, Caesars has experience of providing retail sports betting facilities in some of its properties in the United States. And it does have a physical location in Ontario at the Caesars Windsor, right next to the Detroit River and the border with the US. The sportsbook at the hotel is, however, in the form of Game Picks, provided by the Ontario lottery. It remains to be seen whether the launch of Caesars Sportsbook Ontario will lead to Caesars becoming one of the retail sportsbooks operating in the province.


The RealGM Verdict On The Ontario Caesars Sportsbook 

The advent of single game wagering in Canada is poised to change for ever the way Canucks gamble - and Caesars Sportsbook Ontario is extremely well positioned to take a central role in this process.

Despite the relative youthfulness of the brand, this is an incredibly impressive offering with a mature feel that stands comparison with any of the other major sportsbooks licensed to operate in the province.

The website and app are both superbly easy on the eye and simple to navigate. The number of features. As befits a brand with a name that is a by-word for leadership and authority, Caesars is set to be one of the leaders in the pack in Ontario.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario FAQs

Is Caesars Sportsbook Ontario legal?

Yes, Caesars Sportsbook Ontario has been granted a license to offer online sports betting services to people within the province. It opened its virtual doors to new customers in April 2022.

Can I bet on college sports with Caesars Sportsbook Ontario?

College games are hugely popular with sports fans in Canada. Unlike many states in the USA, where there are restrictions or outright bans on taking bets on NCAA action, you should be able to bet on college action with Caesars Sportsbook Ontario.

Does Caesars Sportsbook Ontario have an online casino?

Yes. Caesars as a brand has been associated for far longer with casinos than sports betting, so inevitably it has a strong online casino offering - and switching between the two is straightforward

Can I Live bet at Caesars Sportsbook Ontario?

Betting on a sports event as the action unfolds is increasingly popular with bettors, and Caesars is in tune with the trend. There is a separate section on the website and app dedicated to live betting to take you straight to events on which you might want to wager straight away.

When will Caesars Sportsbook Launch in Ontario?

Anticipation was high for the launch of single game sports betting in Ontario, and it was hoped to be all systems go very early in 2022. Instead, the regulated market launched on April 4, 2022, and Caesars Sportsbook Ontario was live at 12:01 a.m. that very day.