The NBA's long-wanted in-season tournament is coming. After being collectively bargained, the tournament could start as soon as next season.

Now, details are starting to emerge on how the tournament will be set up. Early tournament games will double-count as regular season matchups, as had been previously reported.

The teams will be divided within their own conference into six pools of five teams each. The pools will not necessarily be done to mirror the regular divisions. Those teams will play each other once (each team will play two home games and two road games).

The six teams that win each pool, plus two wild-card teams, will advance to the single-elimination portion of the tournament. Tiebreakers are still to be determined.

The four teams that advance to the semi-finals will play in a Final Four-style setup at a neutral site. The final will take place in similar fashion, at a neutral site.

As has been previously reported, the winners of the tournament will receive $500,000 apiece.

With the addition of the in-season tournament, each team will be initially scheduled 80 regular season games. As the tournament moves on, the teams that don't advance will have additional games added to their schedule to bring them up to 82 total games. Those games will run alongside the remaining tournament games. The two teams that advance to the tournament final will play 83 games.