The Dallas Mavericks gave up a lot to acquire Kyrie Irving, who will be a free agent this offseason. The Mavericks hope to keep Irving though it remains to be seen if they will be on the same page on a contract.

"I'd love to have him stay for sure," Cuban said. "I'd love to have him. I want him to stay for sure, and I think we have a good shot. I think he's happy here. He tells me he's happy here, and I get along great with him. I think he's a good guy. All I can tell you is everything I thought I knew about Kyrie because of everything I read was 100% wrong."

The Mavs can offer Irving as much as $272 million over five years.

Cuban was noncommittal when asked if the Mavs could be outbid for Irving in free agency this summer.

"I don't know," Cuban said. "I guess there's always too high a price, depending, but now with the new CBA, it's a different world."